Almería is a province in the south of Spain, adjacent to the provinces Granada and Murcia, and the Mediterranean Sea. The capital city of Almería is also called Almería. There is an international airport in Almería and the airports of Granada, Murcia, and Alicante are also nearby.

The province of Almería has the pleasures of the Mediterranean Sea and a subtropical climate, warm and dry most of the year. Almería is well-known as the region of Andalusia with the most hours of sunsine per year (more than 3000 hours)!

The mild climate year-round makes this region the perfect destination for a holiday at any time of the year.

The natural beaches, sand dunes, tiny fishing villages, and spits of land overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the coastline are breathtaking.

The area is one of the most ecological coastal areas of the west coast and is perfect for walking enthusiasts, nature lovers, and birdwatchers.

The coastline is approximately 214 kilometers long, which is approximately 25% of the Andalusian coastline.

In spite of the dry climate of Almería, it is an important agricultural area – where approximately 250 million kilograms of flowers and crops are grown every year. The quality of the vegetables and fruits is excellent.

The province of Almería is rich in fish and seafood dishes, of which squid and red shrimps are characteristic. Other typical dishes are stew, Migas (fried bread with garlic and spicy sausage), and grilled fish.

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